About us

The design and engineering office Fally & Associés was set up in 2012 by 3 entrepreneurs: BRUNO FALLY, FRANCOIS XAVIER NOE AND ANNE FALLY.
This dynamic firm was born out of the desire to pool their expertise and extensive professional experience. This has helped to establish Fally & Associés as a key player on the local, national and international stage.
In 2014, Fally & Associés opened a branch in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo. This office, with an on-site representative, is growing fast.



Structural Engineering

Foundations and structural surveys; advice for developers, optimising quantities and project supervision.

Building Services and Equipment

Finding the best solutions for your project when it comes to electricity, heating, plumbing, HVAC, security etc.

Energy Performance

Assessing the energy efficiency and environmental impact of a new build. Drawing up agreements for planning permission and monitoring the associated work.

Civil Engineering


Comprehensive road bridge studies


Studies for the construction or repair of roads, car parks, public spaces, housing estates, etc.

Road structures

Studies for harbours, sluice gates etc.

Project Management

Project Management support

- Defining and drawing up schedules
- Monitoring and checking studies
- Overseeing technical solutions
- Drawing up technical specifications for tenders
- Project Management support for tenders
- Monitoring and overseeing the project (budget, deadlines, etc.)
- Support with the acceptance of the finished product